ReWind Electric Proudly Offers
D.C. Resistance
D.C. Resistance Cables

Hand made just outside of Washington D.C., these top quality cables resist the hype that so many top dollar manufacturers sell. It doesn't take high dollar cables to get monsterously big and clear sound and withstand the rigors of the road. These are simple cables, carfully made of known top-shelf components (Canare or Mogami wire, Switchcraft plugs, Kester solder) and priced in such a way that musicians can afford them and big manufacturers can fear them. These carry the same lifetime warranty as the big names, so join The Resistance and put an end to high-priced cable hype and overpriced cables made of unknown components.

D.C. Resistance price structure is simple and fair:
$4.50/plug + $1.50/foot of cable + shipping. Period.

1/4" Guitar CablesDual Right Angle Instrument Cable

Simple time-proven top quality components assembled by hand
Canare GS-6 cable with flat-back right angle Switchcraft 228 plugs or straight Switchcraft 280 plugs (available in a variety of lengths)

Select Length (including plugs)
Cable End Plugs